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Irresponsible Science Bipartisanship cooperation and negligence is required to keep contaminated vaccines going.

Discussion in 'General Irresponsible Science' started by LauraLaRue, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. LauraLaRue

    LauraLaRue Moderator Moderator

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    While going through my old tweets I rediscovered this gem from Julian Assange’s Clinton emails.

    Bipartisanship cooperation and negligence is required to keep contaminated vaccines going. This Sidney Blumenthal E-Mail to Hillary Clinton shows they knew Koch lobbied to keep carcinogenic formaldehyde on the market. Did they also know that the DNA stripping contaminant is a vaccine excipient?

    Hill pimped vaccination during her presidential campaign, and Chelsea continues to, so I presume they have never stopped kissing Gates foundation derrière long enough to research vax ingredients?

    WHY does the EPA/FDA/CDC remain silent about vaccines contaminated with formaldehyde? They are negligent. They need to be held accountable. We need a NEW vaccine safety commission to pull these neurotoxin delivery systems off market ASAP.

    It’s beyond evident that “health official” sock puppets know formaldehyde is a highly toxic contaminant which has no business being in inoculation drugs.

    Better download this CDC webpage before it gets wiped. In it the CDC admits formaldehyde causes miscarriages, cancer, damages DNA. What the hell is it doing in the vax??? And this is just one contaminant in the vax stew.

    Medical Management Guidelines for Formaldehyde

    Here’s the Wikileaks link. Scroll down to get to where Hill says “ah, a little vacation reading”, if you’re interested.

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  2. Veritas Dolor

    Veritas Dolor vActivist Administrator

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    Holy crap!! These people are sickening
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