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Irresponsible Science Public Health Officials lie about the most basic aspects of vaccination.

Discussion in 'General Irresponsible Science' started by LauraLaRue, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. LauraLaRue

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    Public Health Officials lie about the most basic aspects of vaccination. We are talking about historic medical science fraud here:

    They deny that vaccinated people who don’t receive their boosters & get mumps, measles, chicken pox, are labeled “unvaccinated”. They deny that the vaccinated shed the disease they are vaccinated against & they deny that the vaccine viruses mutate & cause outbreaks.

    Even when you present them with the stats that show the disease outbreaks occur in the most highly populated regions. Even when NIH/NCI/CDC scientists say “the vaccines are contaminated”, they don’t immunize, they’re contaminated with heavy metal nano particulates & retroviruses, they can & DO initiate neurological damage.

    Even when Public Health brands children brain injured by vaccination “Autistic”, and lumps them in with neurologically diverse ASD people —to cover up the epidemic vaccination injuries, they expect parents to keep quiet in order to receive assistance from the Public Health services.

    Even when a former CDC director admitted on camera that “vaccines can set off damage” in children predisposed with mitochondrial disorders, Public Health officials still recklessly recommend all children get vaccinated. And work behind the scenes with the pharma lobby and their legislative arm to mandate “unavoidably unsafe” vaccines, as they did in California.

    Even when the CDC Whistleblower & senior CDC scientist said that the MMR “injures Hispanic & African American baby boys”, and that “vaccines can cause tics...I would never allow my wife to be vaccinated if she were pregnant”, PharmaDotPublicHealth denies it.

    Even though the CDC admits only 2-10% of vaccination injuries are reported to VAERS, the Public Health officials declare “vaccine harms are rare”.

    Even though there is NO CORONER PROTOCOLS for vaccination deaths & the multi combo vax doses on the recommended CDC schedule have never been safety tested, still the Public Health officials call the parents of vaccine injured children “anti-vaxxer” liars & assert that their children were never harmed by vaccine drugs.
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