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Medical Marijuana?

Discussion in 'Health and Healing' started by Curtis Sierra, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. Curtis Sierra

    Curtis Sierra Indoctrinated Newbie

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    Hi All, I just want to ask if anyone ever tried using medical cannabis as an alternative meds? I have read many articles about medical marijuana and how it can help you in terms of chronic pain, bone injuries, eating disorder/anorexia, anxiety disorders and panic attacks, inflammation, even cancer and a lot more. Like this article about a marijuana strain from:http://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/purple-dragon/ . Cbd and thc are also new to me and I don't even smoke. If this is true I cant find any solid conclusive evidence that speaks to its efficacy. Any personal experience or testimonial would be highly appreciated. Thanks
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  2. Veritas Dolor

    Veritas Dolor vActivist Administrator

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    Hi @Curtis Sierra ,I am no expert regarding Marijuana, but ...what I do know is marijuana is so much safer than pharma man made drugs like Tylenol. If you were to check death caused by Tylenol versus marijuana, there would be no question to this.

    As far as medicinal uses, marijuana has been shown to be highly effective for seizures. So much so that they began growing a type called Charlottes web, for a little girl. This type removed thc to not get the girl "stoned"


    I have seen videos such as the one posted below that have shown marijuana vaporized to help calm autistic outbursts

    And I have seen CBD also calm children...

    I personally don't want to see people stoned on the streets, or driving high, but I definitely think marijuana should be legalized. I believe it has a ton of medicinal uses... a nature's medicine. I am of the use don't abuse mentality.

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